Heritage and History

The campsite is in a wonderful area of historic buildings, bronze age features and of course The Burren.  Walk, Hike, Drive or Cycle around the region to discover the diverse landscapes and rich heritage.

As you travel through the Burren, 7,000 years of history unfolds before your eyes, with farmsteads from the Stone Age and the Iron Age, churches, abbeys and high crosses, plus castles and fortresses of local lords.

Heritage and History of the Area

Ecclesiastical Sites

The region boasts a dense concentration of early church sites, whilst Corcomroe Abbey, built at the end of the 12th century by the Cistercians, is one of the best-known monastic sites in Ireland.

Megalithic Tombs

The abundance of megalithic tombs and ancient farm settlements in the Burren Region indicate a prospering agricultural-based economy steeped in antiquity. The region boasts over 75 wedge tombs, 2 portal tombs and 4 known court tombs.

Fulachta Fiadh

The term fulachta fiadh means ‘cooking places of the wild’ or ‘cooking places of the deer’. Several hundred of these horseshoe-shaped mounds, that could be 5,000 years old, exist in the Burren.

Ring Forts

dunThe remains of approximately 500 ring forts exist in the Burren. These are believed to have supported Early Christian farming families and were constructed during the period 600 – 900 AD.

Tower Houses

lemTower Houses were built from the 14th to the mid-17th century by Anglo-Irish noblemen and Gaelic lords, with counties under Gaelic control such as Clare and Limerick showing the densest distributions. The famous tower house of Lemeneagh in the southern Burren dates from c. 1490 AD.

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